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Sustainability and interior design can be beautifully linked together. I believe in our ability, as designers, to be demanding & to unite quality, beauty and sustainability.

We made a selection of sustainables products we like to introduce in the propositions for our clients.

The Transition collection is made from recycled and regenerated materials.

Used plastic bottles are turned into Ecotrust felt backing. Bottles are transformed into a soft, yet strong PET felt material that is long lasting and has great acoustic performance.

Abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste are used for the regenerated and regenerable yarns.

transition 2.jpeg

The new Natecru Durable - Sustainable collection marks the starting point of a more considered and considerate approach

Organic cotton, locally produced wools and linens, recycled polyester or cashmere, the entire collection is woven in France 


Available in a range of 100% natural hues, each fabric in the collection will bring a new responsible attitude... proving that natural remains eternal. 

pierre frey 1.jpg
pierre frey.jpeg

Milleforma wall-coverings are made of a bio-based material, whose formulation has been developed within the company.

Raw materials are processed in cold water in a closed production cycle. In the water bath the linters are mixed with earth pigments, without the addition of chemical dyes and mordant, finally they take shape with a cold moulding process. 

At the end of their life, the products can be recycled in their production site to create new tiles.

milleforma 1.jpg
mileforma 2.jpg

Super Organic Collection is a 100% natural wall covering, excusively composed of plant materials (hay, flower petals, wood straw, etc.) untreated, dried and agglomerated on a canvas made of 100% linen.


Beyond being 100% natural and recyclable, the coverings, once installed in an interior space, preserve optimal air quality and provide visual, olfactory and tactile comfort that appeals to all nature lovers.

Visuel Printemps 3.jpg
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