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"I like the beautiful and the useful, and even more the beautiful in the useful." Andree Putman

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About Carole Topin


Graduated from the prestigious Académie Charpentier, Carole spent her career as an interior designer in Paris & London experimenting the energy, the richness of the cultural diversity and the unlimited creativity of these two cities. Sharing her time between Paris, London, and Athens, she keeps travelling all over Europe, collaborating on varied outstanding projects.


Her open-minded culturally aware mindset informs her strikingly unique style:  

From Paris, she brings this casual chic, instantly recognisable luxury French touch & savoir-faire.

From London, she brings this quirky, cosmopolite, sustainable orientated approach.

From Athens, she brings this connection to nature, colourful palette, pure light perspective.   


In her approach, Carole always listens very carefully to her clients to understand their identity, to catch their aspiration and embrace their oneness. “No repetition. No likeness. Everything will be reinvented for each client like a new canvas. I want to be recognised for the ability to realise my client’s expectations”. Her last two projects in Athens are the perfect illustration of this concept. “In the city centre, the Milos Hôtel tells a luxury, classic, refined gastronomy-focused story while just 10 minutes’ walk away, the Moxy Hotel welcomes its visitors in a fun, totally pop and colourful space. I love this diversity in the creative process.


About Topin Interiors

Established in 2013 by creative director and founder Carole Topin, this interior design studio has offices in London and Athens.

The portfolio includes prestigious hotels, restaurants, offices, private residences and apartments in Europe.

Creating beauty & emotions

Topin Interiors creates beautiful designs that are shaped by emotions and experiences. The approach is always mindful of the function of the space, the history of the place, the connections, relations, stories that could arise. Each space is designed as a truly living space, thought as a canvas in the creative process to enhance the beauty of the everyday life.


Topin Interiors style

The soulful, sense of space and warm designs of Topin Interiors are embodied between natural light, locally sourced and durable natural materials such as wood, metalwork and marble. Topin Interior style combines sophistication and a modern luxury. An aesthetic of elegance, which reveals a refined style with this recognisable French touch.

Striving for quality

With inspiration, imagination and persistence, Topin Interiors is dedicated to quality and attention to detail, from the concept to the implementation. Topin Interiors collaborate closely with passionate and innovative professionals such as award-winning architects, artists, and craftspeople in the cities where the projects are executed. The studio believes in supporting established and burgeoning local talents to find or create unique pieces and achieve bespoke lasting interior.


Embracing sustainability 

For Carole Topin “The industry has a crucial role to play, now and in the future. Our purpose is not to add to mass consumption. Sustainability and interior design can be beautifully linked together. I believe in our ability, as designers, to be demanding & to unite quality, beauty and sustainability in the propositions we make for our clients. We are also using ethically and locally sources materials and products.’


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