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Libra head office - London UK

The Libra Group is a global conglomerate that is active in 35 countries. It is focused on six core sectors: aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping, and diversified investments. Our design for their head office in London reflects the diverse nature of Libra’s business. An entire wall in the reception is covered with an abstracted mural of a world map divided across time zones. We collaborated with London-based artists Based Upon to create this one-off metal artwork, which instantly creates a subtle but striking impression.

The extraordinary level of detail and craftsmanship sets this apart from a standard corporate headquarters. Rich, polished wood is offset by pale carpets and muted lighting. Refined materials and a monochrome palette with minimal adornment exude a mood that is understated but uplifting. The overall effect is of a business where quality, attention to detail, and an innate sense of hospitality are paramount.


Client : Libra Group

Completed : 2012

Architect : Divercity Architects

Contractor : Overbury

Lighting designer : Alkestie Skarlatou

Photos : Anna Stathaki

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